The Red Road Project has worked in Collaboration with Barry Bernard, of Ni’newey Productions to produce a series of videos featuring our Red Road Youth; regarding the Seven Sacred Teachings. Each video, the youth are asked questions about why they believe the teaching they’re discussing is vital in our culture. The series also features elder, Lawrence Wells of Membertou First Nation, and our Coordinators Tammy Bernard, Millbrook First Nation, and Geordy Marshall, Eskasoni First Nation. You can check out the videos on our Youtube or Facebook Page “ The Red Road Project,” OR copy and paste the videos below to your search bar.









Another year is upon us, and a new batch of Red Road Community Leaders are ready to embark on their journey in harmony with the Creator. For five years the Red Road Project has hired Community Leaders based on each reservation to work alongside youth in the community to provide fun, and healthy activities for children to participate in. So far, the leaders have been conducting a number of activities in attempt to engage kids of all ages, such as cultural workshops, canoeing, talking circles, and day trips. 

This year, just as previous years, we've selected new leaders from the communities that have chosen to be involved, below is a list of names of Red Roaders near you. 

Our Community Leaders:

Project Coordinators Geordy Marshall, Tammy Bernard

Annapolis Valley Madelyn Coldwell

We’koqma’q Brian Philips, Katerina Basque

Paqtnkek Andre Julian, Jada Johnson           

Millbrook Reed Knockwood, Rancy Millieau

Eskasoni Kalolin Johnson, Duma Bernard

Sipekne’katik Kateri Dorey, Riley Howe

Wagmatcook Morgan Toney, Reaney Googoo                                                

Membertou Kristina Basque, Storm Sack

Glooscap Skylar Maguire, Aliya Lickers

Pictou Landing Shawna Francis, Jasmine Denny

Potlotek John Michael Johnson, Alicia Julian

The community leaders will continue to organize youth oriented activities within their communities for the remainder of the summer and on. If you’re interested in becoming involved with any community events, you can contact your local Red Road youth leader and find out how. We also encourage you to follow the project on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, where we post about regular upcoming events and news.

During the MK Symposium, Aaron Prosper had a chance to ask  Sister Dorothy Moore what her dream was.  Click on the link below and watch the video to hear her powerful answer.

During the Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey Symposium that took place from March 5th to 7th at the Park Place Ramada in Dartmouth, the Red Road Youth were challenged to create a short video in which they describe their goal or dream as a Red Road Youth.  To see their videos, you can visit their Youth Pages or the Video page.

Sharing cultural awareness and the Red Road vision is always a positive time.

Take a peek at today's Red Road CTV interview in Indian Brook First Nation with Sutherland Greer and Keigan Sack. Red Road Family is so proud of you guys!

Take a peek at Team Potlotek's Sweat Activity last week. Community Role Model Juni Julian is helping with the sacred fire. Want to get involved ? Contact your Potlotek Youth Leaders: Maureen Nicholas @maureenmarie95 & Kyle Isaac.

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